Accessory As Medicine: Make-to-Mend a Folkloric Headdress

Guide: Jennette Nielsen

Sacred Adornment and Mythical Embellishment…as a way to celebrate, rise, awaken and heal.

Headdresses themselves are not without meaning. They symbolize bravery and power while representing ascension and spiritual evolution.  Thus they hold a special place in simple ritual as a celebratory feature that honors and upholds. Crowns, tiaras and coronets do the same. Our folkloric and mythical headdresses will be garlands for our heads that we will create with our hands while daydreaming and manifesting our possibilities for expansion, release and healing. All manner of sacredness and divinity will be bound within our headdresses through the application of words, symbols, baubles, trinkets and elements from nature. Come sit in circle with us while we Make-to-Mend and create a Folkloric Headdress from found and gathered objects.

What to Bring: Glue gun and extra glue sticks. Any extra embellishments and adornments you might like for yourself beyond what will be provided for the class fee.

Materials Fee: $20 – Here is a sample list of what I might have at any given time to work with and most of which your class fee covers for your own headdress adornment: fresh flowers, dried flowers, fake flowers, flower petals, dried herbs and herb roots, feathers, pens, paint, stamps and ink, bird wings, skulls, bones, crystals, preserved butterflies and dragonflies, small nests, dried fruit, decorative mushrooms and birds, moss and lichen of all kinds, buttons, honey comb, paper wasp comb and small nests, mossy sticks, shells, barnacles, seaweeds, snake skin, fur, glitter, lace, fabric scraps, beads, ephemera, cording, trim, ribbons, etc.  You are more than welcome to bring your most treasured loot or left over scraps from home to use to your heart’s content and your headdress can have any “theme” your heart desires.  We will also have a chance to forage the beach for objects as well so keep that in mind.