Our gatherings are about you. Our passion is in creating a space where you can come to find a deeper sense of yourself…to remember who you are. We infuse them with warmth, love and spirit. We make them comfortable, yet encourage you to gently nudge yourself out of your comfort zone and that just might mean showing up or it could mean sharing some sacred piece of yourself with a new soul-friend – only to discover you’ve known each other a long, long time.
We seek to hold these gatherings in beautiful locations that will feed your soul, with nourishing food, and guides who are deeply thoughtful and warm and have walked their own paths of self-discovery… speaking to you of these hard-earned truths. Together with them we create offerings that are creative and fun…some are about process, some are about weaving the sacred and the creative, some are about diving deep. All for you…



wrsw headdress

“All the while slicing love like a yellow arc with magic makers, feather collectors and whale riders ~ happy are the hours!” 

~ Madelyn Mulvaney