One of the greater gifts of living in the modern world is the connectivity that can be found online – it really does make the world feel warm and small! With this in mind we have developed our Online Workshop program to bring you beautiful, growth-inspiring offerings from some of our favorite creatives.

We only take on a few really special projects each year and work closely with our artists to create a course that is rich and deep and full of juicy goodness. With high quality video, loads of written teachings, and various ways to have meaningful access to your guides (including live video chats!)…we feel we bring something special to your little corner of the world.




Visual Quest: A Shamanic Painting Exploration

Coming September 4, 2017 in an on-demand format where you’ll receive instant access to this 5-week Online Journey into the depths of Shamanic Painting with Pixie Lighthorse.

Creative living and spiritual practice represents all that is mysterious, alive and juicy in every one of us. This freeing process is release, it’s color and spirit in motion, it’s a deep embrace of What Is, and an intentional honoring of life itself. This class is a convergence of everything Pixie knows about spirit and art all rolled into one.

Registration Opens September 4, 2017!



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Clouds on Water: A Journey Into the World of Marbling 

A centuries old art form brought into the modern era with the passion of Ebru Artist Barb Skoog.

You’re probably most familiar with the marbled papers in the end pages of old books. Or perhaps you’ve strolled the streets of Venice or Istanbul and seen shops filled with large sheets of marbled papers ready for your personal use.

Or maybe marbling is new to you all together. If so, you’re in for an amazing ride!

If you’re looking to try something new, play with color and concept, and work hand-in-hand with the elements of surprise, wonder, and awe…then Clouds on Water is for you!

Registration is open NOW!



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The Conscious Booksmith: A Mindful Approach to Creating Your Book

Join author and artist Christine Mason Miller for this thoughtfully crafted and exciting Online Workshop. Our next session will be in 2016.

Transforming a book idea into an actual book you can hold in your hands takes patience, persistence and a lot of teeny tiny steps, each and every one of which matters. Christine will show you how to break down and organize all of these details mindfully, in a way that is reflective of your day-to-day values and priorities. Learn how to bring your book to life within your life.

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