Clouds on Water

We are thrilled to invite you to join us for the only online class of its kind: Clouds on Water: A Journey into the World of Marbling.

Marbling is the centuries-old art form where paint is FLOATED on water, special tools are used to create designs and patterns, and then the image is captured by placing paper (or fabric or wood or other materials!) on top of the water where it is immediately and permanently affixed.

You’re probably most familiar with the marbled papers in the end pages of old books. Or maybe you’ve seen marbled patterns on boxes of Kleenex brand tissues. Or perhaps you’ve strolled the streets of Venice or Istanbul and seen shops filled with large sheets of marbled papers ready for your personal use.

Or maybe marbling is new to you all together. If so, you’re in for an amazing ride!

If you’re looking to try something new, play with color and concept, and work hand-in-hand with the elements of surprise, wonder, and awe…then Clouds on Water is for you!

“Barb’s class was SO MUCH FUN! It was an artistic awakening for me – seriously. I just fell in love with it and was so amazed by all the possibilities. That’s really what marbling is about – endless and beautiful possibilities. ” – Ann O.

What is Clouds on Water?

Clouds on Water offers three marbling classrooms:

  • Introduction to Paper Marbling: Learn the fundamentals of marbling ~ from making the bath and your own tools to troubleshooting tips and creating traditional patterns, this course will walk you through every step of the marbling process and take you on the journey to producing beautiful creations on paper.
  • Advanced Marbling Techniques: For those with marbling experience, start diving in deeper and go beyond the basics, breaking rules along the way and taking your marbling adventure to the next level.
  • Marbling on Fabric: Fabric is a stunning medium upon which your marbled creations shine. This course teaches you the special techniques unique to marbling on fabric.

When is it being offered?

The classrooms are open now! All three classes run concurrently and are available on-demand with 1-year of access. If you purchase all three courses, you’ll have lifetime access to the program.

Who is Clouds on Water for?

Clouds on Water is for curious souls looking to try something new, unique, and different from any other online class offering. It is for those who want to exercise a new creative muscle and approach creative expression from whole new a new angle.

Clouds on Water is for people who have always wanted to try painting but fear that because they can’t even draw a stick person, they’ll never be good at it. Marbling removes that barrier because, well, we don’t draw stick people. We don’t paint still life. And there’s nothing plein aire about it. What marblers do is create one-of-a-kind, never-to-be-replicated-again pieces of FLUID BEAUTY.

Clouds on Water is for those wanting to add another creative element to his or her current art practice. Marbled paper, fabric, or wood can be incorporated into collage, quilting, bookbinding, encaustic art, scrapbooking, art journaling, fiber art, and more. Or you can create individual pieces that stand on their own and can be framed. You are limited only by your imagination.

Clouds on Water allows you to go as deep and as broad as you want to. Experimentation, exploration, and celebration of chance is infused into the spirit of the course.

For the Introduction to Paper Marbling class, you need NO prior painting or any art experience whatsoever! It is one of the most user-friendly mediums you’ll ever practice.

For those with prior marbling experience or those ready to take the next step after the Introduction course, the Advanced Marbling Techniques and Marbling on Fabric courses allow you to build on basic marbling principles and take your skills ~ and marbling passion and expression ~ to another level!

ContemporaryWhiteSpace351Resized1920x1080What will I learn in the Introduction to Paper Marbling course?

In this course, you will learn the Turkish form of marbling on paper called Ebru. Translated, Ebru means “cloud.” And that is exactly what paint on the water bath looks like: clouds on water! You will be guided through every step of the marbling process to help you create a successful experience at home, from building your confidence with marbling techniques to learning how to deal with hiccups along the way. Topics include:

  • Setting up your marbling space.
  • Making special marbling tools.
  • Preparing the water bath and mordant.
  • Floating paint on water.
  • Creating foundation patterns.
  • Exploring traditional patterns and variations on those patterns.
  • Troubleshooting tips.

What will I learn in the Advanced Marbling Techniques course?

Building on the Introduction to Paper Marbling course (or on your own prior marbling experience), you’ll continue your exploration of marbling with advanced technique instruction and experimental play. Topics include:

  • Advanced traditional patterns.
  • Advanced techniques such as masking.
  • Marbling on 3D objects.
  • Marbling on non-traditional materials such as wood, vinyl, clay, and leaves.
  • Using additives and non-traditional substances to create special effects.

What will I learn in the Marbling on Fabric course?

Fabric is such a beautiful material to marble on and offers an endless realm of possibilities for its uses. While basic paper marbling techniques are used to marble on fabric, there is a different set of prep and post-marbling (curing) work to be done. We will build on what was learned in the Introduction to Paper Marbling course (or on your own prior marbling experience) to create gorgeous fabrics. Topics include:

  • Preparing fabric.
  • Building tanks for special projects.
  • Marbling on small pieces of fabric.
  • Marbling on large pieces of fabric.
  • Special techniques such as masking.
  • Finishing (curing) fabric.

“Barb’s style is encouraging and inviting. The historical background and step-by-step information she provides forms a solid foundation for truly understanding the art of marbling. Barb’s sense of freedom and ease in the tank naturally inspires others to give themselves over to the creative process.” – Julie P.

How does it work?

Clouds on Water is a self-paced program consisting of three different marbling eCourses each with video and written content. All materials, videos, and downloads are available on demand with one-year of access for single classes and lifetime access if you purchase all three. In addition, each course has its own private Facebook group where participants can interact with one another in a supportive community. Your guide, Barb Skoog, will check in and answer questions and provide troubleshooting advice as needed (just tag her!).

_DSC4309-Mabel-141004 545wideWhat do I need in order to best participate?

* Computer and a high speed internet connection so you can view our videos (if you can watch the promo above you should be fine!)

* A Facebook account if you intend to participate in the community and get support from Barb.

* Marbling Supplies:

— For the Introduction to Paper Marbling eCourse, you can either buy a Starter Marbling Kit from Barb or you can source materials from various marbling suppliers and art stores.  Please review this materials list to get an overview of what you will need. For those DIYers out there, we will send a more detailed list with all the supplier information once you register.

— For the Advanced Marbling Techniques eCourse, the materials needed (beyond the basic marbling set up) will depend on your personal goals and inspiration! This list includes some of the materials demonstrated in the course, however, many things you can source from your own experience and resources…and imagination!

— For the Marbling on Fabric eCourse, a detailed list of specific materials will be provided ((beyond the basic marbling set up). This list is an overview of the best fabrics upon which to marble.

* Marbling space – Like with many art forms, there are some things to consider when setting up your marbling space. The main thing to think about is that marbling is a WET process and you will likely get water on the floor and paint on the table. Covering your table with plastic or protecting your floor with a dropcloth are easy solutions. Marbling in a garage or on a patio is another option.

What is the cost?

Your investment includes access to all written and video content, downloadable handouts, and access to the private Facebook community.

* The Introduction to Paper Marbling eCourse investment is $189 with one-year of access.

* The Advanced Marbling Techniques eCourse investment is $79 with one-year of access.

*The Marbling on Fabric eCourse investment is $99 with one-year of access.

{ Special Package Pricing and Benefits }

Buy all three courses for $295 and get lifetime access to all material and classrooms!

That’s a savings of $70 and unlimited classroom time.

Optional (and highly recommended!) Starter Marbling Kits are available through Barb.

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Frequently asked questions & answers…

I don’t know how to paint. Can I participate?
No previous painting experience ~ or any other kind of art experience ~ is necessary to take the Introduction to Paper Marbling course. To take the Advanced Marbling Techniques or Marbling on Fabric courses, prior marbling experience is required.

I live outside the United States. Can I participate?
Because the course is online, you can join from anywhere in the world so long as you have access to high-speed internet so you can watch the videos and download handouts. If you can watch our promo video, you should be fine! Please see note on materials list about sourcing certain materials outside of the US.

Are there assignments or due dates to complete the work?
While there are no due dates to complete the exercises and you’re welcome to follow along closely or work at your own pace, the content does build on itself so you will find that working through it sequentially is most beneficial.

How much time do I need to participate?
This will vary depending on the type of marbling you are doing.

  • For the Introduction to Paper Marbling course: Marbling involves floating paint on thickened water which is referred to as a bath. Once made, the bath lasts three to five days (sometimes longer depending on the temperature you’re working in) and then becomes unusable. It is recommended that the first time you marble, you carve out six to eight hours (over a two-day period is great!) to maximize the initial learning process. After a while, the prep work will take you less time as you become more experienced doing it and you can marble in any space of time you wish to commit to.
  • For the Advanced Marbling Techniques eCourse: The techniques and patterns taught in this course are easily incorporated into your regular marbling practice. No extra time beyond what you normally invest in a marbling session is necessary.
  • For the Marbling on Fabric eCourse: There is an additional day or two of prep and up to two weeks post-marbling time necessary for marbling on fabric ~ however, those pre- and post-marbling days don’t require you to be at the tank or in the studio the entire day (but will require a few hours of your time).

How long will I have access to the material?
One year if you purchase one of the modules, lifetime if you purchase all three.

Will I have access to Barb for questions?
Barb will check in with the Facebook group and answer questions as needed.

I don’t have a Facebook account, may I still join the course?
*Yes, though Barb will be answering questions only in the Facebook group.



SkoogBarbOvermarbleRevealYour Guide

Barb Skoog is a marbler, writer, and artist. Her own discovery of marbling as a fine art was pure luck and spontaneous ~ much like the art form itself. While on vacation with friends, she stumbled upon a special exhibition featuring over two dozen marbling artists from around the world. She was immediately captivated by the art form and ended up taking a class from the curator of that exhibit and a master marbler himself. That was six years ago. She’s been marbling every day since.

“I embrace old-school marbling techniques that are hundreds of years old while incorporating modern tools and materials and contemporary design. I enjoy pushing the boundaries of my art form. I challenge old concepts. I experiment. I pull back layers and layers of tradition and shed new light on them. Sometimes there is mold in those layers. But many times, there are old seeds waiting to sprout. And with a little water, they do.”

Barb’s work has been featured in art and lifestyle magazines, juried shows, and galleries. Her marbled pieces have been used in bookbinding, mixed media, fashion accessories (purses and scarves), home décor, and more. She loves to share the joys of marbling with others through marbling demonstrations and teaching classes. You can see more of her work on her site,

“Every creation is an adventure…pulling the paper off the top of the water ALWAYS results in a surprise! It was one of the funnest classes ever. And Barb is one of the funnest teachers ever – very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, supportive, encouraging.”
– Christine M.


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*photos by Stefanie Renee