Video editing is about finding the right light, the right words, the right image to invoke a feeling. It’s about crafting. It’s about pacing and sound and music…it’s about flowing with a story that compels you, that inspires you. It’s about allowing serendipity and magic to find expression. It’s about waxing poetic in a moving, visual medium.

It’s something we love to do…

…let us help you create your story in images.

And watch a sampling of some of our work below.

  • Clouds on Water – Barb Skoog

    Created to promote Barb Skoog’s online Ebru Marbling workshop, Clouds on Water. It’s a colorful romp through her home studio.

  • Video Editing Examples

    A promo video for Pixie Campbell’s Visual Quest online workshop offering. We filmed with Micah van Hove and a trained wolf in the hills of California, then edited this piece to create a dreamy story of shamanic journeywork combined with painting.

  • The Conscious Booksmith

    This is the promo video for an Online Workshop we co-created with Christine Mason Miller – development, production and editing of a six-week course on bringing your book to life.

  • Flora Bowley – Bloom True

    This is the materials video for Flora Bowley’s 5-week online workshop Bloom True. Shot by Zipporah Lomax, we then edited all of the lesson videos for her course.

  • Visual Quest – Behind the Scenes

    The behind the scenes teaser for Pixie Campbell’s Visual Quest online workshop. We worked with her to develop, produce and edit the entire 5-week course. Video shot by Zipporah Lomax.

  • Spirit Sessions

    Working with photographer Thea Coughlin is a dream. She’s a natural in front of and behind the camera. Using her own stills and video shot by Tory Williams, we edited a short promo piece to share Thea’s portrait offerings called Spirit Sessions.